Our economy and society are becoming more and more fast-moving. Increasing digitization requires qualified leaders and extensive project management know-how to successfully digitize, develop and implement new systems. In our extensive seminars it is our goal to prepare you adequately for a successful future.

As part of our German course, we would like to empower you with a sound knowledge of German language that will help you overcome the language barrier and support you in developing your full professional competence in Germany. We want to invest in intellectual and well-educated people with diverse talents and backgrounds, inspiring them to grow beyond their potential. Therefore, we are launching an exclusive offer for fresh graduates and experienced financial professionals who are set to develop a promising career in Germany. To participate in the program, please send us your CV and motivation letter at For more information, please read our flyer (German Language Course).  


As part of our Leadership Program, we provide the necessary knowledge and methods to shape you into a successful leader. Your personal development as well as the strengthening of your leadership style are in the foreground. We help you building management concepts and skills and teach methods that ensure the sustainability of your acquired skills. We also train your communicative qualities by simulating interactions and responding individually to every participant. 

As part of our PMO seminars, we demonstrate how you can adapt your project to the cults of your company. For successful implementation, you will first get to know and understand the basis of PMO. PMO has to be an anchor in your project organization. This means that you can identify the tools actually needed for your company and have the skills needed for successful project management, whether these skills are of a technical or methodological nature. Furthermore, we help you with the creation of organizational forms, which should enable a structured project management.

The entrepreneur has a business idea and develops a system to implement it. He surrounds himself with other people who help him to build the business. Everything that others can do better is delegated and outsourced. The entrepreneur does not work in the company, but on the company. His specialty is human leadership. While others take over accounting, production and sales, he works on new business ideas or enjoys his free time. Building an enterprise system is hard work, but after that the system runs without the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur should have the following action profile:

– Continuous work on the development of the company

– Consistent execution of management tasks

– Strategic working and thinking

– Structuring a clear system for the company

– Permanent maintenance of an overview of the company's activities

The entrepreneur also has important beliefs such as:

– My employees are better professionals than I am.

– The simpler things are, the more successful the business.

– My work is priceless.

– Time is more valuable than money.

– Money offers investment opportunities

– My personal development is most important.

– Risks are steps on the road to success.

– My vocation is the change of conditions through the creation of a significant enterprise.

– Success and growth are where I feel comfortable.

If you also want to become an entrepreneur, please contact us. We develop you into an entrepreneurial personality so that you can systematically implement your business idea.

The market for sellers is becoming more and more difficult, companies are creating pressure and buyers are increasingly demanding individual offers and cost-effective products. In order to convince in B2C or B2B at the highest level, it is important to shine with excellent rhetoric, but also to appear convinced of yourself and your vision. If you are mentally successful and have defined your goals, it is easier for you to sell by conducting the conversation actively and with conviction. In addition to strong rhetorical skills, the acquisition of basic human knowledge is also important in order to pick up the client at a level that is appropriate for him. This is the only way to convince, convey a good feeling and expand the customer base. As part of our sales training, we would like to bring these points closer to you and show you how to sell successfully. Our coaches have many years of experience in both sales and communication. During the training we will show you how to use your newly learned skills, from the first contact to the final sale.

Our franchise seminar is designed to teach beginners or employees all basics and systems they need to be successful with franchise operations in the long term. During our seminar you will learn everything about franchising. Starting with the general structure of the system, through marketing and management to the legal bases. We provide you necessary know-how and methods. You will receive all necessary information for a successful franchise start. In addition, the seminar offers you an excellent opportunity to network with other potential franchisees.