Regulierungen sorgen für einen gewissen Mindeststandard, der von den jeweiligen Akteuren beachtet werden muss. In der Finanz- und Versicherungsbranche verfügen wir über tiefgründiges Know-How in Compliance-Themen und erarbeiten für Sie Lösungen, damit Sie Regulierungen in die bestehenden Prozesse Ihres Unternehmens optimal integrieren können.

The banking and insurance sector offers a wide variety of products and services. Developing these products requires in-depth knowledge of the respective sectors and regulatory requirements. Our consultants have pioneering know-how in both areas and are able to develop solutions for your needs within the legally permissible framework.

Trading in securities requires a thorough examination of current financial market guidelines. MiFID II intends to further strengthen investor protection and harmonise financial markets. 

Our consultants develop solutions to meet the legal requirements (WpHG) in the securities business.

The fight against money laundering and the prevention of terrorist financing is currently being intensified by the 5th (EU) Directive 2018/843. The rapidly changing legal situation requires dynamic process adaptations. Non-compliance with regulatory requirements or failure to meet the implementation deadline may result in reputational damage and sanctions. Our MLA specialists develop solutions for both short-term process adaptations and long-term sustainable process improvements that can be achieved by digitizing the process steps.

The EU Commission has initiated a large number of regulatory projects in order to achieve the goal of sustainable growth. The ECB and national central banks are also thinking about how they can use their funds to promote the issue of sustainability. The Network for Greening the Financial System (NFGS), to which central banks and supervisory authorities have belonged since 2017, recently published a first report on recommendations for actions of the supervisory authorities.

The package of measures in the EU Action Plan affects all areas of the banking value chain. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, our consultants will be happy to support you in understanding sustainability reporting and in integrating sustainability factors into the portfolio management of your company.